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How is equality a hero in Anthem?

He’s strong, he’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s a total genius. Equality 7-2521 is all that and a bag of chips, and he’s the quintessential Objectivist hero for his ability to see the objective reality of the world, reason his way through it with facts, and assert himself as an individual against a collectivist society.

Equality 7-2521 – A street sweeper, the protagonist of the novella. Equality 7-2521, who later renames himself Prometheus, believes in individualism and rejects the collectivist society around him. He is vain and self-centered, strong, beautiful, and intelligent.

Also, how is Anthem a dystopian society? Ayn Rand’s dystopian novella Anthem is set in a primitive Dark Age in which scientific knowledge and technological progress are nonexistent — a repressive, regimented society, in which every aspect of life is controlled by totalitarian leaders.

Hereof, who is equality’s hero?

Equality 7-2521 (Prometheus) The hero of the story. He is a man of unbending independence living in a dark age of a future totalitarian state. The state commands him to be a Street Sweeper, but he is fascinated by science and secretly performs research on his own.

Who is Prometheus in Anthem?

Prometheus was a Greek Titan who brought fire to humans against the Gods’ wishes, and was punished with eternal suffering for this transgression. Like the mythical Prometheus, Equality 7-2521 brings a new, life-changing form of technology to mankind, and like Prometheus, Equality 7-2521 must suffer for doing so.

Who is equality friend in Anthem?

International 4-8818 A friend of Equality 7-2521, he is a fellow Street Sweeper and has laughter in his eyes.

What is the best character in Anthem?

For the beginning, however, here’s the gist of what each Javelin has to offer and which is the best class in Anthem for you. The Ranger Javelin is well-balanced. Colossus is the massive bruiser of the bunch. The Storm Javelin not only looks cool, but it has the cool powers to back it up.

What word can anyone speak in Anthem?

In particular, there’s one word, known as the Unspeakable Word, which no one can speak or hear. To speak the Unspeakable Word is the only crime punished by death. Although most people don’t know what the Unspeakable Word is, somehow a few do.

Why is equality’s name ironic?

Equality 7-2521’s own name is almost surely ironic. He’s represented as far from equal to the run-of the mill people in his society. He stands for liberty and freedom of the individual, which are opposed to the value of equality (as presented in Anthem), since equality requires that everyone be forced into sameness.

Where does equality live in Anthem?

Liberty 5-3000 finds Equality 7-2521 in the forest; she’d been following him. They have a lot of fun frolicking together. Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 come across a house from the Unmentionable Times which is filled with all kinds of technology.

What does equality realize is the purpose of his life?

What does Equality now realize is the proper goal and purpose of his life? What do you believe is the goal and purpose of man’s life? The goal and purpose of man is to serve God in all that we do. We are not the center, but rather to know God and to make him known to others.

Why does equality fight against them?

Why does Equality fight against them? Because he derives joy and happiness from what he’s doing and he doesn’t understand why they would deny people both that joy and the wonderful discoveries that can be made.

What is the jail called in the book anthem?

Palace of Corrective Detention

Who is the council in Anthem?

Led by Collective 0-0009, the World Council of Scholars is the group in charge of all scholarly affairs in Equality 7-2521’s collectivist society. The group and its members are meant to illustrate what Rand perceived as the weak, spineless, and inefficient nature of collectivism.

Who is the body of all truth anthem?

And these words are the truth, for they are written on the Palace of the World Council, and the World Council is the body of all truth. Thus has it been ever since the Great Rebirth, and farther back than that no memory can reach.

Why does equality change his name?

Equality 7-2521 changes his name to Prometheus, and Liberty 5-3000 changes her name to Gaea, after the Greek earth goddess and mother of the gods. Prometheus is the mythical Greek God who was punished when he brought the light of the gods to earth.

What is Equality’s curse?

(1) What is Equality’s curse? Equality’s curse is that he learns faster than his brothers. He thinks the forbidden thoughts and wishes for forbidden things (page 18). (1) Compare the Home of the Infants, the Home of the Students, and the Home of the Street Sweepers.

What was Equality’s main motivation?

Equality’s motivation is that he thinks he will be able to lift this society out of the dark ages into which it voluntarily regressed after a great war where all knowledge and books were burned. Equality’s intentions were honorable, and he acted for the good of the community in taking electricity to the elders.

Who is liberty in Anthem?

Liberty 5-3000 is the label given to a young woman with golden hair and dark eyes. She is seventeen when this story takes place, and the main character, Equality 7-2521 notices her one day while he is out cleaning the streets. Liberty 5-3000 is one of a group of peasants planting seeds in a nearby field.

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