Why does Jerry keep this feat from his mother?

Jerry does not tell his mother about the feat he has accomplished—swimming all the way through the underwater tunnel through the rock—because he understands it would make his mother very worried about him. Telling her about the tunnel would only make her worry more. He is defeated by his attempts to swim through the tunnel. […]

Is Eureka a real town?

5 Answers. There is likely no single real-world town that inspired the town of Eureka. A secretive government-run company town: Eureka is operated by a corporation called Global Dynamics (GD) that, due to the nature of the research done there, is overseen by the United States Department of Defense. Oregon Similarly, how many states have […]

Why are my tomato plant leaves shriveling up?

Insect Damage Depending on the herbicide, leaves may tilt down with curled edges to form cupped leaves, or the leaves may pucker and curl. Avoid using herbicides in general and never use herbicide-treated lawn clippings as mulch. Watering affected tomato plants regularly may help them recover if the herbicide damage is mild. Secondly, why are […]

How do you dry elderberries?

Place the elderberries on a baking tray lined with a cookie sheet and slide inside the oven to dry. Waiting time is around 15 to 30 minutes. From time to time, check if they are being dried properly to prevent overcooking. Once dry, take out the berries and leave to cool. Dried Elderberries can be […]

Do you need a permit for a deck?

As a simple rule, you need a permit for any deck that is higher than 30 inches off the ground. This rule applies to most decks. Anything lower than 30” is often considered a patio or “porch deck,” and no permit is required. Building deck without a permit may result in removing it, possible penalties […]

What did a car cost in 1920?

The Model-T (the first cheap car) cost $850 in 1908. When you adjust for inflation, that is about $22000 now. However, it must be added that the cost of that dwindled to $260 by 1920 (about $3500 now)[2]. Assembly-line production allowed the price of the touring car version to be lowered from $850 in 1908 […]

Can fruit flies make maggots?

Within 24 to 30 hours, fruit fly eggs hatch into larvae known as maggots. These maggots feed on the fruits within which they were laid. Within one week, maggots burrow through the decaying matter and molt. After five to six days, larvae move to a dry surface and transform into pupae. It is rare but […]

How do you seal a window and door?

The national average cost to repair a window seal is $70-$120. You can seal the glass with silicone glue that stays pliable, moving with the door and the glass. Clean around the perimeter of the glass where it meets the wood with a putty knife. Tap down any loose or exposed brads holding the wood […]

Did Otis leaving Chicago Fire?

A huge factory fire left the fates of the Chicago Fire crew unknown, and in last night’s “Sacred Ground” episode, it was revealed that firefighter Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) did not make it out alive. Sardarov addressed his exit and said farewell to his beloved character in a post on Twitter. Chicago Fire lost […]

What is the visual problem created by astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common vision problem caused by an error in the shape of the cornea. With astigmatism, the lens of the eye or the cornea, which is the front surface of the eye, has an irregular curve. This can change the way light passes, or refracts, to your retina. This causes blurry, fuzzy, or […]

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