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What is the superlative of hot?

The comparative form of hot; more hot.

The comparative form of hot; more hot.

Subsequently, question is, what is the superlative of wise? The comparative form of wise; more wise. The old man is wiser than the child.

Keeping this in view, what is the comparative form of hot?

Comparative adjectives and opposites

Adjective ➝ comparative Opposite adjective ➝ comparative
cheap ➝ cheaper expensive ➝ more expensive
slow ➝ slower fast ➝ faster
hot ➝ hotter cold ➝ colder
warm ➝ warmer cool ➝ cooler

What is the superlative of bad?

Irregular Adjectives

Word Comparative Superlative
good better best
bad worse worst
much more most
little less least

What is the comparative of boring?

boring –the most boring). The irregular forms in comparative adjectives are the same for superlative adjectives. So the superlative form of far is (the) furthest, badbecomesthe worstand goodis the best.

What is the comparative and superlative of busy?

which have otherwise a regular comparative in -er; as more true, more busy, more often = truer, busier, oftener.

What are the 3 Comparison of adjectives?

There are three forms of adjectives and adverbs used to show varying degrees of comparison: the positive, the comparative, and the superlative. The positive form is used when there is no direct comparison being made to anything specific, but is used to offer a broad or general comparison.

What is the comparative and superlative of clean?

Usually if an adjective has only one syllable, we add ‘er’ to make the comparative form. We add ‘est’ to make the superlative form. clean → cleaner / cleanest.

What is the comparative of wet?

The superlative form of wet; most wet. After the rain, I was the wettest, having stood in it the whole time!

What is the comparative and superlative of famous?

famous (comparative more famous, superlative most famous) Well known. In the public eye.

What is the comparative degree of beautiful?

The way that is used depends on the number of syllables the adjective or adverb have: Most one-syllable adjectives and adverbs take the ending -er. Two-syllable adjectives ending in y form the comparative by taking the ending -er. Comparative. Regular Comparative Number of Syllables beautiful more beautiful 3 popular more popular 3

What is the comparative of comfortable?

Adjective. comfortable (comparative comfortabler or more comfortable, superlative comfortablest or most comfortable)

What is a superlative adjective for heavy?

For superlatives, the basic adjectives in your question are heavy wide We use -iest for to form the superlative of words that end in -y. Therefore, the superlative of heavy is heaviest. We use -est for most other words that have one or two syllables.

What is the adverb of cool?

It could be a noun, an adjective, an adverb, a verb, etc. In the sentence, “he walks cool”, the word ‘cool’ is an adverb. In the sentence, “cool the hot dish”, the word ‘cool’ is a verb. In the sentence, “it is a cool evening”, the word ‘cool’ is an adjective.

Is Beautiful a superlative?

Answer and Explanation: The superlative form of the adjective ‘beautiful’ is ‘most beautiful,’ not ‘beautifullest.

What are the 3 degree of adjectives?

The three degrees of adjectives are positive, comparative and superlative. The comparative and superlative degrees are used to compare between two or more subjects or objects.

Is Badder proper English?

( badder, baddest ) informal good; excellent: they want the baddest, best-looking Corvette there is. I think it is not the appropriate one compared with the worst. But it IS an acceptable word, as illustrated in the sentence below: Stede Bonnet might be known as the baddest pirate captain of them all.

Is much a superlative?

much/more/most: As for better, it is already the comparative degree of both good and well.

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